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SSJ5 Seo's World
DBZ/GT Movie Clips
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Welcome to SSJ5 Seo's World of DBZ/DBGT, Roms, and other kool and fun stuff to come with it :-)

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Hey! I'm still editing my site. I have a little problem. Making this site alone really sucks so if anybody has a clue of how to make or edit a site and wanna help out E-Mail me also E-Mail me if you have any complaints or something but I really need help with the site so just E-Mail me.OK.

Waaaazzz Uuuuuppp
Hey! ....FINALLY I'm back to doing my site sorry It's been so long but now I'm gonna do everything without stopping(unless something shows up like if I'm on vacation or something) OK

My E-MAIL is

Hey! I started on my website (FINALLY) but its still under constuction so be patient and sorry i'm not sure when i will completely finish the site-I MEAN EVERYTHING (My guess by June 2002)

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